Go Beyond the Ordinary Through Bank Alfalah Orbit Rewards

Bank Alfalah
Orbit Rewards by Bank Alfalah is the first of the few loyalty programs in Pakistan that rewards you on your entire banking experience.

It is a loyalty program and a completely new way to bank with Bank Alfalah. The call points ‘Orbits’ can be earned through multiple products. Not significantly aimed at credit cards, Orbits can be earned on current and savings accounts, debit and credit cards, auto, Investment products, personal and home loans, Bancassurance, e-statements and transactions through branches, SMS alerts, ATMs, Alfa (mobile app) etc.

Alfalah Orbit Tiers

Alfalah Orbit Rewards

If you have any Bank Alfalah product apart from current or savings account or these accounts and less than 3 products, you become a basic tier member.

Alfalah Orbit Rewards 3

If you have a savings or current account, you can register for any 3 suitable products/services to go to Orbit 3.

Alfalah Orbit Rewards 6

If you have 6 suitable products with current or savings account, you can go to Orbit 6 level.

Alfalah Orbit Rewards 9

If you are the holder of current or savings account with 9 eligible products, you get eligible to enter Orbit 9 level.

How to Redeem Orbits

You can redeem the orbits by Bank Alfalah from the following ways.

  1. Internet Banking
  • Payment for bills
  • Transfer Orbits to customers
  • Buy more Orbits
  1. Call Centre
  2. Orbit Mall

For more details, please visit: http://www.bankalfalah.com/orbit


Image Credits: Bank Alfalah

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