The Bank of Punjab Reveals Another Profitable Quarter


The Bank of Punjab has revealed a total net profit of Rs. 1.56 billion for the initial quarter of this year, ending March 31st, 2017.

Comparatively, the last quarter saw a total profit of Rs. 1.45 billion. Coming to EPS (Earnings per share), it reached to Rs. 1.00 which was Rs. 0.94 this year. As a result, writing increased Rs. 0.18 at the start on Monday which is currently being traded at Rs. 13.83. The total markup received by bank of Punjab is 7.64 billion

Currently, no Cash Dividend, Bonus Shares and No Right Share details have been declared by the bank.

The Bank has better its net interest income by 1,100% in the previous 5 years. The profit of the bank has increased from Rs. 347 million in the year 2011 to around Rs. 4,700 million in the last year. This marks an increase Rs. 1,200% in 4 years. In the previous 3 quarters, the bank made Rs. 3,930 million. Bank of Punjab’s equity is 4% of the possessions. On a proportional basis, the equity as a percentage is lesser.

The bank has proved amazing results when it comes to betterment in profitability and balance sheet’s strengthening, although continuous development in new banking undertakings as well as educating its reach to different areas. This promises a very affluent future in advance for the bank.

The monetary results for year 2014-16 depict important improvement in working bottom line through prudent advancing and considerable rise in low cost deposits.

Author: Muneel Ali

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