Car Loans by Banks in Pakistan

It goes without saying that in today’s Pakistan owning a car is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Auto Loan / Car Financing is a standard product offered by most banks, for both new and used cards. The first and the most important decision you make when opting for an Auto Loan /Car Financing

Depreciation admits by the Deputy Governor SBP

Facing parliamentary board on Wednesday, Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Riaz Riazuddin conceded that the choice to depreciate the rupee on the 5th of July was gone up against his own. In a preparation to the Senate Standing Advisory group on Back, Riazuddin secured his move of not making the fund service into

Pakistani Rupee Fell Strongly

As per information available, the foreign trade holds held by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) are said to have fallen by around $3.9b since October 2016 till July 21st, 2017. Regardless of government acquiring crossing the $4.4b check, the stores still fell because of expanding weight on the conversion standard. On July fifth Pakistan

Go Beyond the Ordinary Through Bank Alfalah Orbit Rewards

Orbit Rewards by Bank Alfalah is the first of the few loyalty programs in Pakistan that rewards you on your entire banking experience. It is a loyalty program and a completely new way to bank with Bank Alfalah. The call points ‘Orbits’ can be earned through multiple products. Not significantly aimed at credit cards, Orbits

10 Restaurants Offering as much as 40% Discounts on UBL Cards!

UBL – Do you love to eat? Do you go out often? If you do, then you have probably hit the right post! Let’s check out some of the coolest dine-in places where you can have the most scrumptious food while not burdening your pockets. They offer a variety of discounts at different restaurants which

Which Loan To Avail From Summit Bank – A Guide

Loan is a payable amount which is lent to a person or company at a cost which is repaid in form of interest. The borrower has to repay the amount after a certain time which is pre-decided but facilitates the buyer in times of need. Several financial institutions are known to offer loans of different

How To Take Banks To The Next Level In Pakistan

Financial market is volatile in Pakistan. Banking industry needs to pace up its game, in order to set new standards and achieve profitable goals. Banks need to target new market that is of millennials. Apart from catering and targeting other customers (read: older customers), it is about time that banks should focus on new generation

Millions of Rupees Misused from Loan Scheme of PM

According to Express Tribune Reports, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) staff is respondent to misusing millions of rupees through Pakistan’s Prime Minister loan scheme. The report says that it has been done by opening fake bank accounts. As much as 2 million as loan was provided to those who applied to the scheme in December

Bahrain’s Al Baraka Bank to Unite Unit with Country’s Burj Bank

Al Baraka Banking Group from Bahrain has said to merge its Pakistani unit with the country’s based Burj Bank. The banking group from Bahrain is one of the top Islamic Banks from the Gulf. The merger will bring about an organization with $1.1 billion worth of assets. The decision still requires regulatory approvals to get

NBP Opening World’s Highest ATM this Week

National Bank of Pakistan is all ready to open the world’s highest ATM – Automated Teller Machine this week. As per the news, the bank has installed ATM machine of the bank at the border of Pakistan and China in Khunjerab which is to put to operations this week. According to the official details, the