JS Bank Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

JS Bank

Monday, 16th January marked the 10th anniversary of JS Bank, the fastest growing commercial bank of the country.

The highly-experienced management team and employees of the bank was present at the auspicious occasion. The session was presented by Sidra Iqbal, who talked to the Chairman of JS Bank, Ali J. Siddiqui. The anniversary session was held at Jahangir Siddiqui auditorium at the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi.

Talking about the progress of the bank in last 10 years, Mr. Ali pointed that developments and financial challenges that the bank faced. He also talked about the JS Bank’s vision for the future.

He stated, “I would like to congratulate all the stake holders of JS Bank especially the leadership team and staff for achieving this milestone through their consistent efforts to deliver value for our clients. We have an exceptional team and our success is a testament to the high standard of services we provide to our clients”

He further stressed on the banking services by saying, “JS Bank will continue to enhance its services to best serve its clients along with building its international presence. Through the years, we’ve grown steadily to help meet our customers’ changing financial needs but we haven’t lost the personal touch that is at the heart of personalized banking.”

Additionally, Mr. Ali also talked about the philanthropic work which the bank is positively involved in. He brought in MJSF – Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation for this sake being the sole charitable foundation for JS Group. MJSF mainly emphases on healthcare, social, educational and humanitarian relief for the people.

JS Bank has a vast network of 307 branches in 152 cities in Pakistan with a foreign branch in Bahrain offer various financial services. It has earned AA- (Double A Minus) long-term and A1+ (A One Plus) short-term entity rating. The Compound Annualized Growth Rate (CAGR) based on the previous 3 years’ deposits of JS Bank is 41% compared to banking industry CAGR, which is 14%.

JS Bank, a part of JS Group is Pakistan’s most expanded and liberal financial services groups supervising and working for financial services companies in the country for sectors including commercial banking, asset management and securities brokerage.


Author: Bankstoday

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