Meezan Bank, Strategic Partner of IBA CEIF Announces 1st World Islamic Finance Forum

Although Islamic Finance has experienced drastic growth in the last two decades, still there are areas which have to be explored and worked on. With the same mission, CEIF (Centre of Excellence in Islamic Finance) has done efforts to organize a conference aimed to help Islamic finance reach a global level.

Meezan bank, the successful Strategic Partner for IBA CEIF (Centre of Excellence in Islamic Finance) announced about this first World Islamic Finance Forum which is due on 5th – 6th September 2016 and shall take place at Movenpick Hotel.

CEIF plans to bring together all affiliates including industry practitioners and Shariah advisors in the conference to develop strategies that help for the cause of global recognition of Islamic Finance. The top global leaders are expected to take part in the conference.

Author: Muneel Ali

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