Noman Azhar – The New Head of Meezan’s Branchless Banking

Noman Azhar

Noman Azhar, the previous Head of Mobile Financial Services at Ufone, has entered Meezan Bank as Head of Branchless Banking.

He will directly report to Mr. Faiz Ur Rehan, who is the Group Head for IT and Digital Banking at Meezan Bank.

At Ufone, Noman was serving Mobile Financial Services department. He later joined VRG – Virtual Remittance Gateway – the subsidiary of Pathfinder group. He joined there as Chief Commercial Officer.

Noman has number of years of experience in Branchless banking and Mobile Financial services which he will utilize at Meezan Bank.

This is because of the digital boom of banking in Pakistan, he will be a key player in initiation of digital and branchless banking sections.

Meezan Bank is quickly growing in Pakistan and is most famous for shariah-compliant banking segments.

Author: Bankstoday

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