Now Shop Online and Make Payments with MCB Debit Cards

Confirmed. You can now do internet shopping and make online payments with the MCB debit cards, checked from official sources.

As per the details, the bank has enabled the debit cards to make any transactions online, creating a buzz in the online and banks’ market regarding online shopping.

This news was confirmed from an official source from the bank that all transactions can be done online via debit card, as the card will be opened for it by default. There is just one thing, the user will have to get the activation request to make the card work for online transactions. It has also been confirmed that there is no activation fee for the MCB debit card.

How to Activate MCB Debit Card for Online Transactions?

  • Call at MCB Helpline (111-000-622)
  • Get your Debit Card activated by the representative
  • Give details if required for verification
  • Get 15 days’ activation of your Debit Card for online shopping

It is to note that the card will automatically be deactivated from online shopping facility after 15 days and a reactivation will be required again before another use.

MCB Bank is not charging any amount for the transactions. However, 3.5% currency exchange fee will be charged if payment is done in a currency other than PKR.

Author: Bankstoday

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