PACRA Keeps Long Term AAA & Short Term A1+ Entity Ratings of MCB Bank

MCB Bank

[Lahore: 30th June 2017] PACRA has maintained the Long-term AAA and Short term A1+ entity ratings of MCB Bank Limited.


The ratings consider MCB’s continued financial profile, imitated in a solid capitalization, stable liquidity and mix deposit base. This has been given by the able parentage of bank, where different sponsors, primarily run by Nishat Group – has been giving an actual oversight. The ratings factor in the bank’s solid market positioning, maintained by its firm name of brand and considerable out reach.


Having the highest CASA in the business, MCB also has the least cost of funds among all the banks. It has recently added huge amounts in its deposit base and continues with its ongoing strategy of giving to leading corporates with continued focus on exposure by the government.


Simultaneously, talking about the consumer and SME book is also expected within educating macro essentials. The usual interest rate environment is an encounter ideally with the drying stream of PIBs. MCB has made a subsidiary for Islamic Banking, thus, becoming the 1st conventional bank doing this. It is also in the process of doing merger with NIB Banking with and into itself.


In its report, PACRA says that the ratings are reliant on on the bank’s capability to hold its existing position in the banking sector. Any worsening in the apparent strength of the bank or ownership with resulting impact upon its governance effectiveness would have negative consequence. Further strengthening of human resource would be vibrant.

Author: Bankstoday

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