Standard Chartered Pakistan takes a very positive stride towards the betterment of adolescent girls in the country by launching ‘Goal’. There is no denying that there are certain serious problems regarding our women that need to be addressed, so that we are able to develop a society where women are considered equal to men and are given similar rights as the other gender.

Goal is the bank’s community investment programme that supports a broad spectrum of programs and services to provide financial literacy, life skills and employ-ability training to low-income adolescent girls across its footprint. Standard Chartered Pakistan is an extremely mature player of the banking sector, being one of the leaders and knows exactly how to contribute to the society and to country’s betterment.

A great percentage of women are denied from their rights to educate themselves. Goal intends to uplift these young girls at the stage of their adolescence through a combination of sports and life skills training. Empowering girls could mean healthier families and could help breaking the cycle of poverty that prevails in the most regions of the country.

We cannot neglect the fact that women play a vital role in the development of the Pakistan. For the prosperity of our country it is necessary that we realize the importance of development of women who face several severe obstacles in their way to live a better life.

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Author: Muneel Ali

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