Zong, Silkbank Ties Knot for Strategic Partnership

Islamabad: Pakistan leading data network, Zong has partnered with the famous banking network, Silkbank to initiate a strategic partnership which envisages joint cooperative ventures. With regards to this, both companies did contract of MoU – Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate Mobile Broadband (MBB) Devices of Zong to Silkbank. This will help the credit card users

Zong, United Bank Limited (UBL) Ties Strategic Knot!

Pakistan’s No.1 4G Network, Zong has entered into Strategic Alliance with UBL – United Bank Limited, one of the top banks in Pakistan. Both companies contracted by signing MoU for Mobile Broadband (MBB) through which the Credit Card Customers and employees of UBL will get MBB devices with upfront buying of 12 months MBB bundles.