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Financial needs differ from individual to individual at all stages of life. Whether it is realizing your dreams, starting a new career, beginning a new chapter with your loved one, or planning your child’s education, you can never predict any urgency of cash. To solve the problem, Silkbank has a new product named Ready Line, which is an evergreen Running Finance facility specifically designed to meet your emergency financial needs. It not only provides peace of mind but also helps customers meet their emergency cash needs and that too with the utmost convenience and freedom.


Ready Line can be used for Meeting your day-to-day and emergency needs e.g. education of children, health care (including lifestyle and personal expenses). You may also repay expensive debts like Credit Cards payments or any other type of personal loans. And make payments to anyone through demand drafts, pay orders, cheques and cash.


Instant Credit upto Rs. 2,000,000/-
You can get financing of upto Rs. 2 million to fulfill your financial needs, if you meet the eligibility criteria. On opening a Ready Line Account, you’re provided with a cheque book and a VISA debit Card, giving you the freedom to access your account anytime, anywhere!

Balance Transfer Facility
You can repay your expensive debts on credit cards and other personal loans with reduced mark-up rates by transferring your balance on Ready Line.

Pay For Only As Much As You Use
You don’t need to pay mark-up on the entire credit line that has been extended to you. With Ready Line, you only have to pay mark-up on the utilized amount and only for the number of days it has been utilized. Monthly repayment comprises of mark-up for the number of days the facility has been used plus 1.5% of the principal of the outstanding balance.

Easy Access Nationwide!
Ready Line Account can be accessed through any of their 85 branches across Pakistan or through any Silkbank, 1 Link or MNET ATM, having unlimited access to your funds round the clock.

Repayment options:
Monthly payments can be made through following channels
Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT)
Silkbank Direct Internet Banking Facility
Drop Box

Available 24/7
In case you have any queries, you can call their toll-free line at 111-100-777 at any time.


To avail the Ready Line facility, you should:

  • Be a Pakistani National residing in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad
  • Have a minimum monthly income of Rs. 40,000/- if you are a Salaried person and Rs. 50,000/- if you are a Self-employed Businessman (SEB) or Self-employed Professional (SEP).
  • Be at least 21 years of age

Documentation Required

  • Application form
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Proof of employment or business
  • Salary Slip / Salary Certificate in case of Salaried
  • Bank Statement for the last 1 year in case of SEB / SEP


To Apply; visit the nearest branch of Silkbank. For further information Visit silkbank.com.pk

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