Allied Bank Limited Pakistan


Allied Bank Limited Pakistan is the bank with the greatest number of branches spread all over Pakistan. With over 1000 branches, it is the first bank to have been the part of Pakistan prior partition. It was established in Lahore in 1942 and was then named as Australasia Bank Limited. In 1974, the name was changed to Allied Bank and merged Sarhad and Lahore Commercial Bank with it.
With such a vast history, the bank saw different people chairing it to take it to a level of professionalism. The first chairman was Kh. Bashir Baksh. During the phase of 1970s, when all banks were nationalized, this bank too got its new identity, with the name also changed.
At that time, the executive board consisted of president, vice president and other members. Mr. Iqbal Rizvi was the president and Mr. Ajmal Khalil joined as the vice president. The bank saw agricultural sector shaping with its tremendous help through loans granted to the locals. While new branches emerged in different towns and villages adding to the overall grace of the bank. Not just this, a foreign branch in London was also opened.
It was in 1991 when the bank took the challenge to get it privatized under the head Mr. Khalid Latif. This was a new beginning for the bank to excel.
Currently, the bank is known for its phenomenal products and services offered to cater customers’ needs of investment and opportunities including personal banking, business banking, Islamic banking and other services such as online banking, safe deposit lockers etc.
The current CEO of the bank is Mr. Tariq Mahmood.




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