Bank Alfalah Pakistan


Bank Alfalah came into existence in June, 1997 and was formed under the Company Ordinance 1984. It initially started and is still a private bank legally owned by Abu Dhabi Group. It offers both the commercial and related banking services which are defined in the ordinance of companies, 1962. Having its head office in Karachi, the bank is headed by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan who is the active chairman.
The bank is recognized as the 6th largest bank of the country as it has at least 648 branches both in Pakistan and outside. Apart from Pakistan, the bank has successfully opened up branches in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bahrain. It rolled out operations in Bangladesh by taking over Shamil Bank of Bahrain in 2005. In the same year, it initiated the operations in Afghanistan while in Bahrain, it commenced banking services in 2007.
Bank Alfalah rebranded itself after 17 years of operations in February 2015. The official color theme, logo, mission and vision were revised. As of 2014, the revenue was PKR 55.378 billionwhereas the bank had a net income of PKR 8.513 billion.


Branch banking

  • Deposits, Remittances, Foreign trade, Lockers.

Consumer banking

  • Credit Cards, Auto loans, Home loans, Consumer durables, RTCs.

Electronic Banking

  • Telephone banking, ATMs, Online banking

Corporate banking

  • Short/Long Term finance, Trade finance, Structured finance.

Treasury & Investment

  • Money market, Forex market, Investments, Government securities, Correspondent banking.




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